Vehicle Use

Vehicle Use Policy

Use of University Vehicles – Employees Only

The use of any vehicle for university business (university owned, rental, or personal) is restricted to approved University of Saint Francis employees or volunteers only. Any person driving for university business will have a driver’s license background check completed through the Human Resource Department. Upon receipt of an acceptable report, the person will be added to the Approved Drivers List.

*Students are not permitted to drive any university owned vehicles with the exception of lawn mowers and golf carts.

*Students can never be considered volunteers.

University vehicles will not be permitted to be used for personal business. To help reduce driver distractions the front seat passenger will assist by reading maps, making phone calls and taking care of passenger needs. DRIVERS ARE NOT TO USE A CELL PHONE OR TEXTING DEVICE WHILE DRIVING!

University vehicles will be checked out no more than 2 hours before the listed departure time. They will be driven only from the university to the destination and back.

Smoking or the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in all university owned vehicles. When using the university van(s), any luggage will be secured inside the vehicle and no higher than the back seat’s top level; never on the roof.

Due to insurance and liability concerns, university employees are prohibited from using their personally owned vehicles or any vehicle that is not owned, leased or rented by the university to transport students to and from any university sponsored event.

Reserving and Checking Out Campus Vehicles

• Vehicle reservations are handled by Facilities. The university vehicles are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Scheduling changes will be made only with direct written consent of the person originally requesting the vehicle. To request a reservation, go to the Room and Event Scheduling tab located on the My Cougar Connection home page.

• Once the request has been processed an email confirmation will be sent. Vehicles will not be released before the confirmation is issued and the booking appears in the 25Live calendar.

• Vehicles are checked out at the Security Office at 1434 Leesburg Road. The driver must complete a vehicle checkout form and will receive a copy of that form, the vehicle keys, and a gas charge card (for vehicle related purchases only).

• The vehicle, vehicle keys, gas charge card, gas receipts, and the vehicle checkout form, with current trip end information indicated, must be returned to Security office immediately upon return.

• The return section of the vehicle checkout will be filled out by security upon return of the vehicle.

• A surcharge will apply for:

o Failing to return paperwork

o Incomplete paperwork

o Returning with gas tank less than ¾ full.

o Trash or excessive debris left in the vehicle

• The department using the university owned vehicle will be charged the University’s current mileage rate for use of thevehicle. There is no charge for local trips of 20 miles or less made by Student Activities Council or any Convent use.

• Any person driving their personal vehicle for university business will be reimbursed mileage at the university rate only if they are on the University’s approved list.

The department’s account will be debited for any repair costs that result from damage to a university vehicle because of negligent use. It is at the department’s discretion to recoup costs from employee. Negligent use is defined as failure to observe traffic laws resulting in damage to the vehicle, failure to properly secure vehicle, ignoring vehicle warning system, or failure to maintain vehicle in safe and proper operating condition while in your possession. The University requires use of seat belts by all persons at all times in any vehicle. Your driving privileges may be suspended, for an indefinite period, for any negligent use of university vehicles.

In the event of a breakdown of a university owned vehicle locally, have the vehicle towed back to campus and contact Enterprise for a replacement vehicle. When out-of-town breakdowns occur, contact the local dealership and, if necessary, a local rental agency for a replacement vehicle. Notify the Security Officer on duty at (260) 399-7888. Note: this service is only available for university owned vehicles being used for a sanctioned group or team activity.

Driving Record Verification Procedure

The following procedure is to be used on all USF employees, without exception, whose job will require them to use a personally owned vehicle, USF owned vehicle, or rented vehicle in the course of their jobs while employed at the University of Saint Francis.

Any employee not meeting the minimum requirements will not be allowed to drive a vehicle in the course of their employment at the University of Saint Francis and this may result in the revocation of a job offer or termination of employment at the University.

The Human Resources Office will conduct all vehicle driving record verifications and maintain an Approved Drivers List of all USF personnel who are authorized to drive any vehicle on behalf of the university. University Security will maintain a copy of the Approved Drivers List in order to check out vehicles to university personnel.

All driving record checks will look at the past 5 years of records. In order to have a satisfactory driving record for the purposes of driving for the University a Saint Francis an employee must:

1. Be at least 18 years of age

2. Have at least 2 years of verifiable driving experience with a valid state issued driving license

3. Have NO serious violations in the past 5 years. A serious violation is defined as, but not limited to Driving While Intoxicated (alcohol and/or drug related), Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Failure to Report an Accident, or a Suspended License.)

4. Have NO more than 4 moving violations in the past 5 years, not to exceed 2 violations in the past 12 months. Speeding in excess of 25 MPH over the speed limit will count as two moving violations. Moving violations are defined as, but not limited to Speeding, Failure to Yield, Careless Driving, Following to Close, Improper Lane Change.

5. Have NO more than 3 accidents in the past 5 years.

Any employee who is listed on the Approved Drivers List is required to notify the Human Resources Office within 5 working days of receiving a citation or being charged with any serious violation to their driving record.

Approved:  25 October 2012

Risk and Safety Management Committee