Training & Awareness

The purpose of USF safety and awareness training  is to provide employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to reduce the risks associated with their work responsibilities and other threats.  Safety training programs are developed in response to federal, state, and local regulations, accreditation agency requirements and institutional needs.

USF conducts two types of training: awareness and job specific. Awareness training applies to all employees whereas additional trainings are for those with specific job responsibilities. Training is provided in person, via youtube, and through an online training provider.  Online training requires a username and password which is sent via email if the training applies to your work setting.

External Safety Training

USI Connect Training  (Credentials Required)

USF Safety Training

Active Shooter Preparedness

USF Minors on Campus (Authorized Adult Training)

Authorized Adult Training Course (video)

Authorized Adult Training Handbook

Authorized Adult Test

Background Check Request and Release