Remote Access



The University of Saint Francis provides remote access at the discretion of department heads or their designees, to enable exempt staff and management access to core business applications and data from a remote location. Remote access does not equate to a flex place or flex time benefit. It is merely a convenient and secure solution for those that prefer to continue work at home after fulfilling responsibilities on campus.

University data that is processed or stored on systems outside of the University premises or via systems not owned by the university are generally more vulnerable to being lost, compromised, or corrupted. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for remote access or connections to the University of Saint Francis network or information technology (IT) resources.

This policy applies to all University technology users utilizing any type of remote access to gain entry to the USF network or access to USF information technology resources.


Remote Access: The ability to obtain access to an IT resource or the USF network from a location other than the physical campus of the University of Saint Francis, or via a system or device not owned by the University of Saint Francis.


1. Identify need or opportunity for remote access Staff Member or Department Head
2. Determine whether remote access is appropriate and will be pursued Department Head
3. Confirm off-site technology resources meet listed technology specifications Staff Member and Department Head
4. Sign the Flex Place Form and submit to HR. The Flex Place Form can be found under Human Resources in For Central. Staff Member or Department Head
5. Submit a work order to the UTS help desk for remote access. (This must originate from HR) Human Resources
6. Documentation for access is received from UTS after HR approval. Staff Member