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Unmanned Aircraft Policy

Approved: 12 July 2016 Unmanned Aircraft (Drones and Model Aircraft) Policy Scope This policy applies to: University of Saint Francis employees and students operating unmanned aircraft systems(UAS) as part of their University employment or as part of University activities; The

Copyright Policy

Approved 05 May 2016 University of Saint Francis Copyright Policy The University of Saint Francis holds that the creation, discovery and dissemination of knowledge are central to the success of the University’s mission.  The University has an interest in the

Fishing Policy

Fishing Policy Fishing in Mirror Lake is permitted for students, employees, retirees and their guests. A signed permit good for one year and available from Security must be obtained beforehand. Guests must be accompanied by a USF permit holder. Please

Fire Safety & Prevention

FIRE SAFETY/PREVENTION PLAN I.  PURPOSE AND SCOPE OSHA’s Fire Safety and Prevention Plan regulations, 29 CFR 1910.39, or [29 CFR 1910.38 (a)] requires University of Saint Francis, to have a written Fire Prevention Plan (FPP). This plan applies to all

Bonfires on Campus

BONFIRE POLICY I. PURPOSE AND SCOPE The information in this policy applies to all open burning and outdoor fires (bonfires) at the University of Saint Francis. Fire is a significant risk for property damage and injuries. To ensure the safety

Personal Assisted Mobility Devices (Bicycle, Skates, Skateboards)

PERSONAL ASSISTED MOBILITY DEVICES (PAMD)   For the purpose of this policy a Personal Assisted Mobility Devices (PAMD) is described as a powered or non-powered device that is used to convey a person or persons from one area to another. 

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemical Hygiene Policy Chemical Hygiene Plan In case of an Emergency:   Campus Security:   x7888 260-399-7888 (off campus) Chemical Hygiene Officer, Sr. Carol Meyers D.A. 260-399-7700  x8223 Lab Assistant,  Paula Avila 260-399-7700   x8205 Director of Safety and Security,  Richard Robbins 260-399-7700 

Mobile Device

Mobile Device Policy Background The University of Saint Francis has installed wireless access points in all of the buildings at its  Fort Wayne and Crown Point, Indiana Campus’.  Wireless networking is an extension of the University’s existing wired network infrastructure and


USF Tailgating Policy (Map) Welcome to the excitement of Cougar Football at the University of Saint Francis! As a Franciscan university that respects the dignity of each individual, we want to assure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit.

Environmental Policy & Plan

USF Environmental Plan      USF Environmental Policy University of Saint Francis Environmental Policy The University of Saint Francis, in accordance with its mission and values, endeavors to minimize pollution, comply with applicable regulations and support continuous improvement of environmental policies and


PARKING POLICY I. DESCRIPTION/PURPOSE Risk and Safety Management Committee is responsible for overseeing the establishment of parking policies and procedures for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Because the university is located in a residential area, parking is a very

Waste Disposal

                                                                   EPA (40 CFR Parts 260, 261, 262, 266, 268, 270, 273) WASTE DISPOSAL POLICY  I.              BACKGROUND The purpose of this policy is to inform interested persons, including employees that the University of Saint Francis is complying with the Environmental Protection