Bonfires on Campus



The information in this policy applies to all open burning and outdoor fires (bonfires) at the University of Saint Francis. Fire is a significant risk for property damage and injuries. To ensure the safety of bonfire event participants, all members of the university must comply with this policy.


Bonfire: an outdoor fire utilized for ceremonial or recreational purposes. The city of Fort Wayne requires a burn permit, acquired from the Fort Wayne Fire Department, for any fire exceeding 36 inches in diameter and/or 2 feet in height.


Bonfires may only occur on campus at the designated area located at the Cove on the southwest side of Mirror Lake. Fires must be contained within the confines of the fire ring. Fires must be attended by a University of Saint Francis employee until the fire is extinguished.

To request a bonfire on campus, the following procedures shall be adhered to:

1. Bonfires on campus must be approved in advance. Bonfire requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of the intended date of the bonfire. The bonfire request will include that the requestor takes the following steps prior to submitting the request:
a. A USF Employee will be identified as a sponsoring administrator, faculty, or staff member. The USF Employee assumes responsibility for the bonfire.
b. A Burn Permit must be obtained from the City of Fort Wayne Fire Department in advance of the bonfire. The USF Employee serves as the responsible party and must hold the Burn Permit at the site of the bonfire for the duration of the permitted fire.
2. A reservation request for scheduling the Cove must be submitted through 25Live.
3. A work order must be sent to Operations requesting firewood and kindling.
4. On the day of the event, the USF Employee must contact Security for the fire-starting kit.

Weather conditions, including inclement weather, high winds and/or extremely dry conditions, at the time of the event may be cause for cancellation of the bonfire.

At the conclusion of the event, the sponsoring group must call Security to return all materials (bucket, gloves, etc.). The group sponsoring the event is responsible for cleanup of all materials, including garbage, trash, unburned materials, etc.


1. Accelerants (i.e. gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid, kerosene, diesel fuel, etc.) and other flammables are prohibited.
2. Fuel for the fire shall consist only of dry firewood.
3. Waste materials, including but not limited to solo cups, Styrofoam plates, aluminum cans, glass, trash, food scraps, etc., must not be burned. A trash can may be requested through 25Live at the time of reservation.
4. The burning of any non-natural material is prohibited.
5. Jumping over the fire, running, dancing or general horseplay near the fire will not be permitted.
6. The fire must never be left unattended.
7. The height of the fire should not exceed 5 feet when measured from the ground.
8. The fire must be completely extinguished with water at the conclusion of the event.


a. City of Fort Wayne, Bonfire Permit for Open Burning:
b. Bonfire Request Form