Personal Assisted Mobility Devices (Bicycle, Skates, Skateboards)

For the purpose of this policy a Personal Assisted Mobility Devices (PAMD) is described as a powered or non-powered device that is used to convey a person or persons from one area to another.  Personal Assisted Mobility Devices (PAMD) include but are not limited to items such as: bicycles, roller blades/skates, skateboards, scooters, Segway devices, and hover boards.  Personal Assisted Mobility Devices (PAMD) that are used for medical purposes, such as wheel chairs, are exempt from this policy.
All persons using PAMD’s do so at their own risk.  Operation of PAMD shall be done in a reasonable, prudent and careful manner with regard for the safety of the operator and all other persons and property.
Persons operating PAMD’s must yield to pedestrians and adhere to the campus speed limit.  Keep out of meditation spaces and planted areas.  PAMD’s are not allowed inside campus buildings, secured to handrails, light poles, trees or any other campus fixture, but should be secured in designated areas such as bicycle racks.  Locks will be cut and PAMD’s removed if found in violation of this policy.
PAMD’s are NOT to be ridden or operated in buildings, mall areas, curbs, ramps, stairs and alleys.  Please use caution when using PAMD’s through parking lots.

In the event that you should cause bodily injury, or damage to property you must notify Security (399-7888) to report the incident.