Year: 2013

Remote Access

REMOTE ACCESS POLICY I. BACKGROUND and PURPOSE The University of Saint Francis provides remote access at the discretion of department heads or their designees, to enable exempt staff and management access to core business applications and data from a remote

Bonfires on Campus

BONFIRE POLICY I. PURPOSE AND SCOPE The information in this policy applies to all open burning and outdoor fires (bonfires) at the University of Saint Francis. Fire is a significant risk for property damage and injuries. To ensure the safety

Personal Assisted Mobility Devices (Bicycle, Skates, Skateboards)

PERSONAL ASSISTED MOBILITY DEVICES (PAMD)   For the purpose of this policy a Personal Assisted Mobility Devices (PAMD) is described as a powered or non-powered device that is used to convey a person or persons from one area to another. 

HazCom Plan

The USF written Hazard Communication (HazCom) Program describes the methods used to ensure employees are provided with the appropriate chemical hazard information. This program establishes responsibilities for departments, supervisors, and employees to accomplish this task. This document addresses only the

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemical Hygiene Policy Chemical Hygiene Plan In case of an Emergency:   Campus Security:   x7888 260-399-7888 (off campus) Chemical Hygiene Officer, Sr. Carol Meyers D.A. 260-399-7700  x8223 Lab Assistant,  Paula Avila 260-399-7700   x8205 Director of Safety and Security,  Richard Robbins 260-399-7700 

Data Classification

I.                    Policy Statement  The University of Saint Francis views University data, in all its forms and throughout its life cycle, as an asset of the University, therefore all members of the University community have a responsibility to protect University data

Data Retention

I.                    Background Records Management is a joint responsibility of the record creator and users.  All University employees who handle University records are responsible for knowing and following all laws, University policies, guidelines/standards and campus procedures that govern these records. Staff