Month: November 2012

Identity Theft Prevention

Identity Theft Prevention Policy BACKGROUND In response to the growing threats of identity theft in the United States, Congress passed the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA), which amended a previous law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Mobile Device

Mobile Device Policy Background The University of Saint Francis has installed wireless access points in all of the buildings at its  Fort Wayne and Crown Point, Indiana Campus’.  Wireless networking is an extension of the University’s existing wired network infrastructure and

Trips (University sponsored)

  University Sponsored Trip Policy I. Background Trips for educational purposes (“field trips”), sport competitions, and other student activities are an important component of the experiential learning that is advocated at the University of Saint Francis. In order to promote


USF Tailgating Policy (Map) Welcome to the excitement of Cougar Football at the University of Saint Francis! As a Franciscan university that respects the dignity of each individual, we want to assure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit.

Environmental Policy & Plan

USF Environmental Plan      USF Environmental Policy University of Saint Francis Environmental Policy The University of Saint Francis, in accordance with its mission and values, endeavors to minimize pollution, comply with applicable regulations and support continuous improvement of environmental policies and


PARKING POLICY I. DESCRIPTION/PURPOSE Risk and Safety Management Committee is responsible for overseeing the establishment of parking policies and procedures for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Because the university is located in a residential area, parking is a very